Here we go again.

So, welcome to the grand re- re- re-opening of This is probably like version 7 or 8 of my website. I've finally figured out that I'm not very good at web design nor do I have the patience to do all he behind-the-scenes work involved. I heard about Squarespace from TWIT, my all-time favorite podcast, and decided to give it another shot at blogging.

You see the result in front of you.

I like the way Squarespace (s2 from now on 'cause I'm not going to write Squarespace all the time) does things with the widgets and layout. So much easier than doing all the hard work myself.

Anyway, I figured I would get this site back up and running for several reasons. I need something to do, I love talking about stuff and because I can. Primarily, since the world is getting smaller thanks to Facebook and the like, I wanted a place to post family news. Since both Velazquez and Morales domain names were already taken, damn you tucows, I figure using my name was the next best bet. It's pretty unique and most of the family knows it.

On top of that, baseball is less than 40 days away. I'm going to need a place to vent about my home teams, Yankees and Mets, and local team, the 51s. Bold prediction right now: none of them, unless they make a major move, are going to win a championship this year.

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned.


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