30 Day SW Challenge - 4: Favorite Jedi

This one is easy.  Quinlan Vos.  Let's break it down why is he not only my favorite Jedi, but the best and baddest Jedi around.

1) His attire. Not your typical "bathrobe and pajamas" getup.  Nope.  The arm wraps and the breastplate armor let's you know he means business.  Combine that with the simple yet striking facial tattoo and the crazy hair*, you know he is not your typical Jedi at all.

2) His story.  His history is the stuff of daytime drama.  His parents killed by family, losing his memory, double-agent, Dark Side adept (temporarily), left for dead... I can go on but you will just have to read up on him yourself

4) His lightsaber... and balster.  Yeah, that's right.  He has the elegant weapon, and a good blaster.  And that look you know he means business.

3) Appearances.  He's been in the movies, comic books, cartoons and he's an action figure.  That also means he is canon.

4) Attachments? He had them.  Meet Khaleen Hentz.  Separatist hottie turned Jedi girlfriend hottie.  Love the purple hair.

Which leads to...

5) Korto Vos.  Yeah, he's not the first Jedi to have kids but what he had to do to get this point.  Ya gotta read his adventures to really appreciate this guy.  Besides, check out that awesome facial tattoo.

*- Not sure if he has dreadlocks or it's just crazy hair. Different artist always depict him differently.


30 Day SW Challenge - Day 3: Favorite member of the Empire

"Rule through the fear of force rather than through the force itself."

The key words of spoken by favorite member of the Empire in his famous (or is it infamous) Tarkin Doctrine.

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.  The only man in the galaxy able to command a Dark Lord of the Sith.  He ballsy enough to destroy and entire planet.  That's right, AN ENTIRE FLIPPIN' PLANET!  So he made one mistake, one lousy mistake and that's what everyone remembers.*  Whatever, he is still my favorite member of the Empire.  And the fact that he was portrayed by the legendary Peter Cushing just makes it that much cooler.  Oh, and let's not forget the little hottie girlfriend of his, Admiral Daala.  Really, need I say more?

*- Something I plan to correct with a bit of fanfic I wrote. 

30 Day SW Challenge - Day 2: Favorite member of the Rebellion

"That's impossible, even for a computer."

And with those words, we are introduced to Wedge Antilles.  Described as a "hotshot pilot about sixteen years old."  The most underrated, unsung hero of the Rebellion.  He appeared in all three OT movies (one of only seven people to do so) and has a very extensive EU presence.  Some of the best EU books I read were the "Star Wars: X-Wing" series.  If you haven't read them yet, do yourself a favor and pick them up.  It's this series that gave me an new appreciation for Wedge and all the other "little" people in the Rebellion.  If it wasn't for them, the Rebellion could have very well never happened.

30 Day SW Challenge - Day 1: Favorite Character

This is a hard one.  There are just soooo many to choose from.  Almost had to do a bracket to narrow my choices down.  But I finally decided on:

Jar Jar Binks

No, not really.  Just messing with you.  After much meditation and thought, I would have to say that my favorite character is:

Han Solo

From the moment you saw him on the screen, you knew this guy had swagger.  Confidence, a hint of arrogance and (after he shot first) a bit of aggressiveness.  His best bud is an 8' walking carpet that only he seems to understand and he has the coolest ride this side of the Tingel Arm.  He has everything under control, is full of surprises and never wants to know the odds.  He survived betrayal by his friend, being tortured by an asthmatic Sith, as an ice cube ornament for a gangster and losing his vision (temporarily).  He also has the greatest one liners.  In the end, he gets his eyesight back, his ride (minus one rectenna) back, his friends back and he got the girl.  And we haven't even touched on his expanded history in the EU*.

I had the opportunity to talk to Han before I wrote this and told that he topped the list as my favorite character.  His response was all Solo.

* - I don't care what Disney says, the original EU happened.