The Yankees Win! The-e-e-e-e Yankees Win!

And with that, begins the most awesome part of the Year. The season opened up yesterday with a nice win by the Yanks over the Tigers. CC got a no-decision but he really should have gotten the win. He looked good and I except a 20 or 21 win season and top three in Cy Young voting. CGrand ( there is a nickname in there somewhere) looks great. A couple of highlight catches and a homer. Nice!
Is Tex out of early season slump? Doubt it. But it was nice to start the year with a dinger.
A-Rod looks good. Slim, comfortable, and confident. I see MVP season.
Nice to see Gardner working on his bunting. If he perfects it "Scooter" style he will a major threat on the basepaths.
Talking about threats on the basepaths, go R-Mart! Loved him when he played for the 51s. Loved him when he played with the Dodgers. Stealing 3rd? Love him playing for the Yanks.

I could go on and on but that would take forever. For right now, it looks like the Yankees are looking really good.