Rivalry weekend.

I’m a Yankees fan.

I just had to say that because my next statement might shock some people.

I feel sorry for the Red Sox.

Serioulsy, who wouldn’t feel sorry for them?  They are going into their home opener with a 0-6 record.  Not very good for a team that everybody swore was going to run away with the American League East.  A team with a spectacular starting rotation is nearly 2:1 in runs allowed to runs scored.  And that last game was just a lousy way to lose.  A suicide squeeze to score the only run of the game followed by some shoddy base running.  Ouch!

Phil Hughes starts on Friday.  I really think he is better than his debut this season.  Look for him to win at least 16 games this season.  Then first one will be against the BoSox.  John Lackey is good, but the Yankees own him.  The Yankees will win but, if they decimate the BoSox on Friday, look for a series sweep.

Ivan Nova will have a lot of pressure on him on Saturday. He’s going to give up some runs. He is going to look shaky. And then he is going to thrive in the pressure situation.  That is going to be the most exciting game of the series.

Finally, CC on Sunday.  The guy has a 1.38 ERA and still doesn’t have a win.  He will once again pitch a bunch of scoreless innings. However, this time the bullpen won’t blow it.

Mo will get two more saves on his way to the record.  Jeet will get a few hits and Tex will prove that he is not in an April funk.

I may be dreaming, but this is my blog so there!  On a serious note, Yankees take the series. They win Friday and Sunday.