In the beginning...

WARNING: May or may not contain spoilers!  You have been warned!

X-Men: First Class

Ever since the ending credits of “X-Men: Last Stand” I’ve been waiting for the X-Men’s return to glory.  Let’s face it, XM:LS was dismal, half-hearted, over-budgeted, lame attempt of reconciling at least three different storylines into one misshapen chimera that was blissfully short.

Really? Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

I figured that with three more X movies on the horizon there was at least a 33% chance of a decent movie and return to glory.  Then came the Wolverine movie.  And they blew it again! Seriously guys, you don’t need to cram 30+ years of comic history into one movie.  Leave some for the sequel.  Anyway, let’s leave that one alone for minute.

Yes, please.  Don’t get him started on Wolverine!

X-Men Origins. If you can rise above certain errors and continuity issues, the movie is great.  McAvoy and Fassbender do an excellent job in portraying the tumultuous friendship between the Prof and Magneto.  The members of the First Class really give you a feeling of nervousness, excitement and awe of going to a new school and being part of something special.  Members of the Brotherhood… well, they really aren’t used enough to get emotionally attached to them.  Well, except for Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw.  Absolutely the character you love to hate.  They really need to use him again.

There are a couple of cool cameos (watch it, bub!) and one that didn’t happen (where’s the Man?) and a pretty strong and tight story.  I love how they used an actual historical backdrop and actual footage from the times.  Loved the fashion of the 60s (mini-skirts everywhere) and the costumes (blue and gold, yeah!).  There are a couple of disappointments (why Darwin? Rather it would have happened to Angel) and nods to the fans (Blackbird – coolest airplane of all time). They also lay the groundwork for the future (Azazel + Mystique =…).  Oh, and don’t even get me started on Emma Frost (eye popping wow!) Look for a follow-up post with more of a breakdown.

One more thing.  All the CG effects… can’t really tell they are CG.  Nothing looks fake.  Excellent, excellent job.

Bottom line: This is like the first X-Men movie all over again.  Solid groundwork has been laid for a secure foundation of future movies.  Hopefully they don’t blow on the third movie.

Overall rating:  Full-Price Movie. ‘Nuff Said!