30 Day Star Wars Challenge - Day 3 - Favorite member of the Empire/New Order

Ok, this was another close one.  I really, really liked Hux in TFA.  Nothing like having a petulant child in charge of your military might (good going, Snoke).  But gonna have to go with...

Grand Moff Tarkin.

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.  The only man in the galaxy able to command a Dark Lord of the Sith.  He ballsy enough to destroy and entire planet.  That's right, AN ENTIRE FLIPPIN' PLANET!  So he made one mistake, one lousy mistake and that's what everyone remembers.*  Whatever, he is still my favorite member of the Empire.  And the fact that he was portrayed by the legendary Peter Cushing just makes it that much cooler.  Oh, and let's not forget the little hottie girlfriend of his, Admiral Daala.  And now that they've expanded his history via Clone Wars and Rebels, how could I choose anyone else. Really, need I say more?

* - Still working on that bit of fanfic.