And I Feel Fine...

Last week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers‘ were thinking happy thoughts about Summer. This week, things take a decidedly darker turn.  Your assignment…

The Apocalypse. (dun, dun, dunnnnnnnhhh.)

Seriously, sometimes I worry where we get our assignments from.  One week it's all happy, happy, joy, joy.  The following week its all woe is me.  Anyway...

I present to you my top 10 favorite apocalyptic movies.  To make this list it has to be a movie that shows civilization after the cataclysmic collapse of human society.   That immediately removes movies that show the lead up to the collapse like "This is The End" and "World War Z."

12 Monkeys

10.  12 Monkeys - I had to watch this movie twice to get it straight in my head.  Time travel gives me a headache.  However, when it all came together, it was mind-blowing.  The phone call, the little boy, the visions...

The Road

9.  The Road - This was probably the most realistic depiction of a post-apocalyptic world.  It makes you think about how far would you go to survive and save those closest to you.

8.  Book of Eli - Denzel seems to make any role he takes on a memorable one.  Go ahead, find one role that Denzel played that wasn't memorable.  Mind you, I said role, not movie.  Denzel can't save every movie, but I digress.  The surprise character flaw at the end of the movie makes this movie that much better.


7.  Idiocracy - Mike Judge really hit the nail on the head with this one.  I really believe that this is the way civilization is going.  While not a big hit at theaters, it seems to have found a following after its home release.  Do yourself a favor, watch this one time.

The Matrix

6.  The Matrix - "Am I plugged in?"  If you don't think that to yourself after watching this movie, then you didn't get it.  I still wonder if I am plugged in.  I need to free my mind.

5.  Titan A.E. - Good story, great movie. Lots of action, great voices, beautiful animation.  The Wake Angel scene is a beautiful example of this.  And if I ever get to name a planet, I'm going to name it "Bob".


4.  WALL-E - It's WALL-E, need I say more?  Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie why are you still reading this?  Go! Watch this movie and then come back and finish reading this.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Children of Men

3.  Children of Men - An interesting concept and very well portrayed in this film.  The hero, Theo, goes through so much for this child, a child that isn't even his, that you can really hate the ending of this film.  I won't spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it.  As a side note, infertility of the human race almost made it twice on this list.  Millennium almost made it on this list, except that most of the movie takes place pre-apocalypse which doesn't follow the rule I set for myself.

Mad Max.jpg

2.  Mad Max (series) - Overall, these movies have such a bleak outlook of the future that it can be very depressing.  Or entertaining.  Your pick.  Two men enter, one man leaves. Oh, and Tina Turner as a warlord? Bonus!

Planet of the Apes

1.  Planet of the Apes (series) - While certain movies of this series left me feeling blah (Beneath the Planet of the Apes anyone?), this series was really, really good overall.  Conquest and Battle are two of my favorites. And the reboot of the series has made this franchise that much better.  I just finished watching the latest film and can't wait for the next one.  (Brian, I want bonus points for making this my #1).

So, there you have it. My Apocalypse for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Here's what other members have written.

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And now I leave you with this...