Hello, my name is…


Hello, my name is… Tell us a little about yourself — even if we all know who you are, there are plenty of new folks wondering if you’re in fact a dog.

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

 ...No, not really.  However, I can't help but say that every time I hear "My name is..."  I also want to say my name is "Slim Shady," but that wouldn't be correct either.

No, my name is Jathniel.  Not Jathaniel, Jackniel, nor Johnathan.  Just take my name and split it in the middle, Jath-niel.  It is actually rather simple once you say it that way.

Online I’m known as Las Vegas Yankee.  I’ve been using that moniker for about 5 years, although I’ve gone by Darth Hasaki, and DarkBlade*, among other names, in my online travels. 

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I am a geek.  I saw the original Star Wars on the big screen in 1977.  My dad and I would watch Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT) together in the living room.  I’ve seen 96% of the nominated AFI’s Top 50 SciFi movies of all time.  And I’ve seen 100% of AFI’s Top SciFi movies of all time.  I’ve built my own computers. I even tried building a laptop once.  My home wireless network is the envy of all my friends.

I am a kid.  I’ve collected everything a kid is supposed to collect, and then some.  I’ve got stamp albums, baseball card albums, and sticker albums.  I’ve got Star Wars figures, Transformers, and GI Joe.  I’ve built some of the greatest flying machines of all time, including the F-14 Tomcat, B-17 Flying Fortress and Millennium Falcon.  I’ve got the greatest garage in the world filled with Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Maisto.

I collect Comic Books.  That's present tense, not past.  Been doing so since my dad got me a copy of The Spectacular Spider-Man #1.  Yeah, I still have it. 

I am an older brother. I’ve got three younger sisters.  Between the three of them, I have four nephews and three nieces.  And they all agree. I’m the coolest uncle ever…period.

I love baseball.  I’ll let you guess which my favorite team is.  I’ve got jerseys, signed baseballs and tons of memorabilia to prove it.  Lou Gehrig is my favorite player of all time.  Cal Ripkin, Jr., Don Mattingly, Tony Gwynn and Derek Jeter round out my top 5.  I’ve been to 5 of 30 MLB stadiums.  I plan to go to all of them.

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Mustangs.  I love them.  I’ve owned 5 of them.  My latest is slightly modified ’05 V6 that sounds and runs like a V8.  Her name is Angel.  My others were named Pony, Black Beauty, Beast and Mystang.  My favorite is the 1969 Mustang with the Sportsroof option.

I am a photographer.  Ok, that might be stretching the truth.  I like taking pictures.  I am still learning to use my DSLR.  However, you can see a lot of my iPhone photos on Instagram account.

I am a husband.  I’ve been married twice.  Much better the second time around.  We celebrated 5 years a few months ago.

Wow, I didn’t think this would be this long.  I guess I have a lot say.

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* - Sill go by that one XBL.