Super Sized Action Figure!

 This week’s challenge to the Pop Culture League is…

House of Wax

The local Wax Museum is having a fire sale and you have the opportunity to add a life-size, life-like action figure to your collection. Who do you choose?

You know what. Not going to go with the expected response.  Not going to choose any Star Wars characters.  No Star Trek either (not really).  My choice is:

Those that really know me, this should come as no surprise.  Thor is one of my top 5 superheroes from way back when Walt Simonson was writing and drawing his comic.  Heck, the Might Frog of Thunder is on my Top 10 greatest storylines.

But it's not just that Thor is one of my favs.  Chris really does embody the God of Thunder in look, physique, attitude... he's the whole package.

Do I have a man crush on Chris Hemsworth? Yeah, probably.

I seriously have to consider Green Plastic Squirt Gun's choice.  Seriously.

20 Year Before 2000 has a very interesting choice.  I really like it.

Never heard of Aswang before.  Thank you Kalem Klub for enlightening me.