Welcome Back!

So, after a long hiatus, I've decided to reopen this website.  Trying to for more time in the day to write.  Like before, I will be writing about Star Wars, baseball, collecting and other random stuff.  Also plan to do some fanfic.  I've got notes I've written over the years on some Star Wars fanfic.  Actually, it's more of a "what if?" or "elseworlds."  Brian from Cool & Collected inspired me with this post.

So, what's happened lately that finds me with very little time?  Let's see:

  • New job.  Took me a little bit to get adjusted but I seem to have things under control now.
  • New family member.  Baby girl takes up some much time.  But it is sooooo much fun.
  • Lost family member.  Had to put down one of our dogs after he got sick.  So not fun.
  • Expecting a new family member.  Here we go again.

So, in the words of everyones favorite Clown Prince of Crime...


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