Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Going to be totally honest here. I really enjoyed the Super Bowl. No, not just the commercials. The game itself was awesome. It's been a some time since i enjoyed the actual game instead of the commercials. Although I am a New York fan (Giants... Jets... Take your pick), I was cheering for the Steelers. Why? They are closer to NYC than Green Bay... Black and yellow uniforms and logo only one side of the helmet is cool... Players with cool names like Rashard Mendenhall (they should have given him the ball more often), Antwaan Randle El (still not sure which is his last name), Ben Roethlisberger (still can't say it without my tongue getting all twisted), Ziggy Hood (c'mon, Ziggy, how could you not like that name), Troy Polamalu (Polamalu, Polamalu, it just rolls off the tongue. Love saying that name)... Hines Ward has got a really cool website... Mean Joe Green had one of the coolest commercials ever...

Speaking of commercials...

Best commercial of the Super Bowl... Darth Vader Kid! C'mon, you guys didn't see this coming?** Other favorites: Bud Light - Dog Sitter (the dogs playing poker at the end was priceless, Chrysler - Eminem (who cares about the car, just glad to see Em's out of rehab... again), Volkswagen - Black Beetle (It was just cool).

Most Disturbing: Doritos - The Best Part (guy sucking other guys fingers = disturbing)

Almost as Disturbing: GoDaddy - New GoDaddy Girl (Did we really need to see Joan Rivers in that light?)

Worst Commercial: So many to choose from...

Anyway, do you know what the best part of the Super Bowl is? The end of the game. Why? 'Cause it means that baseball season is right around the corner. Less than a week and pitcher and catchers start reporting. Ahhh, spring is in the air. And about time too. Sick and tired of the stupid crazy cold weather we've been having in Vegas.

Anyway, gotta jet.


** For those that don't know, I am a huge Star Wars fan.***

*** For those of you that call yourselves my friends and didn't know I was a huge Star Wars fan, shame on you.

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