If I see one more broom...

Seriously, what a bummer of a weekend.  If I see one more broom, I’m going to hit somebody.  After a disastrous weekend, where do we stand?  In second place, 2 games out of first. But, more importantly, we are still ahead of the BoSox.  Funny thing is, the headline isn’t the sweep. The headline is Jorge taking himself out of the lineup after he found out he was batting 9th.

Do I blame the guy? Yes and no. Yeah, I think he should have pulled himself out of the lineup. He should have pulled himself out when he couldn’t get himself anywhere near the Mendoza Line.  He should have taken himself out and taken a “mental” day at the end of April when he went on that 0-for-14 stretch. But on the other hand, I can understand why you want to stay in. It’s the only thing you’ve done for the last 17 seasons. It’s not something you want to give up so easily.  You want to be a part of the game, not sitting on the bench. As a veteran, I gotta imagine he is thinking to himself that there is still something he can contribute to the game.  And as soon he busts this slump I’m sure he will be a key factor, a necessary cog in the gears, which will take the Yankees to another post-season.

Now, my problem with this situation is that he waited till he saw he was dropped into the 9th spot in the batting order to pull himself out.  Like I said before, he should have pulled himself out a long time before that. What he did was really poor sportsmanship.  He acted like a big baby.  He should not have taken the drop in the batting order as an insult but as a challenge.  Let me give you an example…

A few months ago I got invited to play in a softball challenge.  During the practice sessions I made sure that when I took my cuts I stated my case for position in the line-up.  I also made sure my fielding was up to par.  The day of the big game comes. I ask the “coach” where he wants me to play. Now, before the big reveal, I had been practicing in the outfield and at 1st base.  Also consider that this is a coed game. Nothing against my female teammates, but some of them had never played softball before.  That being said, the “coach” puts me in a catcher.  CATCHER!  Seriously?!?!  One of the better arms on the team and I am being regulated to backstop duty.  I was upset, but did I request out of the game? Nope. I simply stated my case by making sure to fire the ball back to pitcher and making sure his glove popped.  After two batters, I got put out in right field.  Not my ideal position, but definitely and upgrade.  End result… I got an assist at second when the batter was trying to stretch a single into a double.  When it came time for us to bat, I asked “coach” where he wanted me to bat.  Honestly, I am thinking he is going to put me 3rd or 5th.  I would’ve been happy batting 6th.  Where do I get put? 10th! Seriously?!?!  Dead last in the lineup?  Again, I was upset, but I didn’t walk off the team.  The team needed me. So again, I stated my case.  End result… 3 for 4 with three singles and a ribbie. One of those singles was a “sure” out but I hustled enough to beat the throw.

My point is, you feel you’ve been insulted by being dropped last in the lineup? Don’t get all booty hurt and leave your teammates hanging.  Get mad, get even, get out there and prove you are more than last in the batting order.

I’m done venting.  And I swear… If I see one more broom!