30 Day SW Challenge - 4: Favorite Jedi

This one is easy.  Quinlan Vos.  Let's break it down why is he not only my favorite Jedi, but the best and baddest Jedi around.

1) His attire. Not your typical "bathrobe and pajamas" getup.  Nope.  The arm wraps and the breastplate armor let's you know he means business.  Combine that with the simple yet striking facial tattoo and the crazy hair*, you know he is not your typical Jedi at all.

2) His story.  His history is the stuff of daytime drama.  His parents killed by family, losing his memory, double-agent, Dark Side adept (temporarily), left for dead... I can go on but you will just have to read up on him yourself

4) His lightsaber... and balster.  Yeah, that's right.  He has the elegant weapon, and a good blaster.  And that look you know he means business.

3) Appearances.  He's been in the movies, comic books, cartoons and he's an action figure.  That also means he is canon.

4) Attachments? He had them.  Meet Khaleen Hentz.  Separatist hottie turned Jedi girlfriend hottie.  Love the purple hair.

Which leads to...

5) Korto Vos.  Yeah, he's not the first Jedi to have kids but what he had to do to get this point.  Ya gotta read his adventures to really appreciate this guy.  Besides, check out that awesome facial tattoo.

*- Not sure if he has dreadlocks or it's just crazy hair. Different artist always depict him differently.