Aquaman's power is still cooler than mine.

Last week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers asked when we got so______. Your assignment this week is…

What is your super power?

So I woke up the other morning feeling a little... different. Wasn't sure what it was.  Went downstairs to make myself some breakfast. Thought I'd make myself some breakfast.  Some eggs, onions, ham, etc. Sat down to eat and whoa!  I bit into the most perfect omelet ever.  I had never made such a perfect breakfast. 

A couple of hours later it was time for lunch.  Grabbed some ingredients to make a hamburger for myself and a friend.  My buddy took one bite and BAM!  I claims it was the best burger he had ever had.  I was getting suspicious.  Could it be true?  Had to do one more test to make sure.

For dinner I invited my folks over.  I decided to make a typical Puerto Rican meal. Rice and beans, avocado salad, chicken ala "secret family recipe".  Never cooked this meal before in my life.  My parents took one bite and were so excited.  They swore it was just mom used to make.  So it was true.  I had acquired a superpower...

They ability to cook the perfect meal.*

That's cool and all. Maybe I'll go and open a restaurant.  Although I kinda wish I would've gotten any other superpower.  Heck, even Aquaman's power seems cool compared to mine.

Around the League, members show off their superpower.

Travelling Pics is a ninjas.  No really, she is.

AEIOU...aSW has cool power.  I have the same power.  Wife just calls it an obsession.

CoolandCollected has superpower that sometimes I wish I had.


*- For the record, this story is half true.  I can make some awesome meals, I just haven't mastered the secret family recipe.