30 Day Star Wars Challenge - 2016

So I tried doing this last year.  Got as far as Day 4.  This year I'm shooting for at least 15 days.  Let's see how it goes.  Since I'm starting late, I'm going to have to knock out days 1 and 2 right away.  For the record, here's the list I'll be using.  Borrowed the list from a site I used last year but made some changes since TFA has been released since then.  That, and Rebels is now canon.

  1. All-time favorite character in Star Wars
  2. Favorite member of the Rebellion/Resistance
  3. Favorite member of the Empire/New Order
  4. Favorite Force user (Light side)
  5. Favorite Force user (Dark side)
  6. Favorite Droid
  7. Favorite ship
  8. Favorite movie (of the 7)
  9. Second favorite movie (of the 7)
  10. Least favorite movie (of the 7)
  11. Favorite storyline from the animated series
  12. All time favorite scene in any of the movies
  13. Favorite quote
  14. A scene that makes you happy
  15. A scene that makes you sad/angry
  16. Photo of your Star Wars related things (books, action figures, posters, shirts, etc.)
  17. Favorite moment in The Phantom Menace
  18. Favorite moment in Attack of the Clones
  19. Favorite moment in Revenge of the Sith
  20. Favorite moment in A New Hope
  21. Favorite moment in Empire Strikes Back
  22. Favorite moment in Return of the Jedi
  23. Favorite moment in The Force Awakens
  24. Something you wished was different in the series
  25. A character you didn’t like in the series
  26. Favorite book/series from the Expanded Universe
  27. Favorite lightsaber duel
  28. Favorite quote
  29. Best Star Wars related story/incident you’ve had
  30. Favorite toy/collectible

Bonus:  Why I love Star Wars