30 Day Star Wars Challenge - Day 1 - All-time favorite character in Star Wars

This one really hasn't changed from last year so this was easy.  I would have to say that my favorite character is:

Han Solo

From the moment you saw him on the screen, you knew this guy had swagger.  Confidence, a hint of arrogance and (after he shot first) a bit of aggressiveness.  His best bud is an 8' walking carpet that only he seems to understand and he has the coolest ride this side of the Tingel Arm.  He has everything under control, is full of surprises and never wants to know the odds.  He survived betrayal by his friend, being tortured by an asthmatic Sith, as an ice cube ornament for a gangster and losing his vision (temporarily).  He also has the greatest one liners.  In the end, he gets his eyesight back, his ride (minus one rectenna) back, his friends back and he got the girl.  And we haven't even touched on his expanded history in the EU*.

2016 Update - [SPOILER ALERT]  Seriously, if you haven't seen The Force Awakens by now, what's wrong with you?  You have been warned.

Still my favorite even after there's nobody left to swindle.  Always manages to get out of most tight situations.  Still upset he is gone, but he will live on in my heart and my memories forever.

RIP Han Solo.

I had the opportunity to talk to Han before I wrote this and told that he topped the list as my favorite character.  His response was all Solo.

* - I don't care what Disney says, the original EU happened.