Going, going, going...

Last week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers‘ presented their DIY skills.  Now, it’s time to kick off Summer and hit the road with this week’s assignment…

Pop culture road trip! Money is no object, what is your ultimate pop culture destination?

Honestly, Star Wars was the first thing that popped in my head. But then I thought that most of you would probably expect that.  Nah, let's do something else.  I saw this on another site, can't remember which, but I thought it was pretty cool. Let's follow the man. Bond, James Bond.

1) Grandhotel Pupp, Prague - Casino Royal

Casino Royal is one of my favorite Bond movies and it's the "beginning" of James Bond so what better place to start my pop culture road trip.

2) St. Petersburg, Russia - Goldeneye

You think they will let me drive a tank through the city?

3)Phang Nga Bay, Thailand - The Man with the Golden Gun

Seriously, aren't those the coolest rock formations you've seen?

4) Space - Moonraker

It's space. SPACE! What more needs to be said?  Who doesn't want to go to space?

5) Oracabessa, Jamaica - Dr. No

Will have to get Wifey a white bikini for this one.

So there you have it. My top 5 James Bond locations.  There are actually a lot more locations I'd like to go visit... All James Bond locations as a matter of fact.  But that would make for a very long post.

Where do other members of the League want to go?

GI Jigsaw wants to go to Shermer, Illinois.  He can be Jay, I'll be Silent Bob.  Maybe a quick stop at Chez Quis is in order.  The reservation is under Abe Froman. Yes, that Abe Froman.

Bonus Content:

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico - GoldenEye

Although the movie places this in Cuba, it's actually in Puerto Rico.  Although I haven't physically been to the observatory, I have spent plenty of time in Puerto Rico and even drove near the observatory once.  One location down, a ton more to go.