Return of the Shopping Spree

Last week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers‘ hit the road with some pop culture destinations in mind. This week, we’ll be visiting an old friend once more as Hake’s Americana & Collectibles is kicking off their latest auction on Tuesday, June 24.  Hake’s will select one participating blog from this assignment to WIN $100 to use in this auction or in a future one! Your assignment…

Hake’s Auction #212: Go on a  fictional shopping spree at this incredible pop culture auction.

Sooooooo... We've kinda done this before, but who cares!  Let's do it all again.  If it's good enough for JJ Abrams, it's good enough for me.  And in case you forgot the ground rules, let's go over them again:

1) I can't buy everything.  I've got a finite amount of space so I have to make it all count. 

2) The items should be reflective of my hobbies.

Now let's get shopping.

Star Wars - Ok, this is going to shock some of you but I can't find anything I really, really want from the Star Wars items.  Don't get me wrong, they have some nice stuff but just nothing I really want.  What's wrong with me?

Baseball - Lot of cool things and vintage cards, but one thing stands out from the rest.

This Satchel Paige signed HoF card would like nice in my collection. This guy was the stuff of legend.  One of the greatest stories about him is how in intentionally loaded the bases, told his infielders to sit down, and the proceeded to strike out the next three batters.  And he was one of the oldest players to pitch in a MLB game which led to a rocking chair being put in the bullpen for him.  Legendary.

Space - Again, lots of cool things.  A John Glenn autograph.  Buzz Aldrin Autograph.  But one tops them all.

Werner Von Braun autograph.  The Father of Modern Rocketry.  Let's face it, without him there wouldn't be science fiction the way we know it today.

Comic books - To be honest, I'm not a fan of slabbed, graded, encapsulated, etc. comic.  I firmly believe they are meant to be read and enjoyed.  And this auction has some really nice comics available, but they are all slabbed.  Iron Man #1, Giant Size X-Men #1, Incredible Hulk #181... all premium items, but not for my collection.

I must be feeling ill, because that was all I could come up with this week.  Or maybe I was just depressed I don't have more spending money, cause I would blow it all at Hake's...

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