1st Yankee prediction of 2014


Predictions sure to result in an Epic Failure (again).


A couple of years ago I wrote this article about Yankee predictions guaranteed to go wrong.  How did I do?

CC Sabathia - Didn't hit 20 wins, but did keep an ERA in the low 3.00 (3.32).

Hiroki Kuroda - He did eat up innings.

Phil Hughes - I said he would go back to 2010 numbers. I was half right, but the wrong half was way wrong.

Michael Pineda - Yeah, kinda correct. He didn't get a starting spot at all.

Freddy Garcia - Let's not talk about that.


So now that that is out of the way, let's get started on my 2014 Epic Failure Predictions.

Let's look at the starting lineup in rotation order:

CC Sabathia - He's been training hard during the off-season. He has slimmed down.  Let's go ahead and predict a 20-win season (again).  Gonna lead the Yankees to the post-season.

Hiroki Kuroda - Reportedly his last season, I expect Kuroda to leave nothing in the tank.  16-win season, 200+ innings and 160+ K's.

Masahiro Tanaka - Biggest acquisition of the off-season.  Lot's of high expectations.  15-wins and he'll be shutdown down early if he has too many innings and there is a shot at the post-season.  Bonus prediction: AL Rookie of the Year.

Ivan Nova - Expect the return of SuperNova. 15-wins and he is going to want to eat up innings to prove he is no fluke.

David Phelps/Michael Pineda - These two will be competing for the last spot.  My money is on David Phelps.


So there you go.  Hopefully I'll be able to get around to the rest of the team predictions soon.